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How it works?

*Byte Obfuscator
*Encryption and Protection for your executable files
*Protect your programs code, protect your private binaries, encrypt and protect your game projects, protect your projects like visual basic project, c++ projetcs, and your other tools from getting exploited or reverse engineered.

Distribute your project files/executables with peace in mind that they won't be cracked, or exploited.

*Byte Obfuscator will enhance your protection against:
Modifying, Patching, Cracking your software;
Reverse Engineering and unwanted analysis;
Software Debuggers;
Hex Editors;
And many Other analysis and/or reverse engineering software.

Our Pricing

We offer good products at affordable prices. As of now, below are the package prices we are offering of our obfuscator/encrypter/protector.

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Three month package


3 month

  • Unlimited updates and customer support for three Months

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Lifetime Package


Life Time

  • Unlimited updates and customer support for lifetime(lifetime means lifetime of the product, not your human lifetime)
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Great features you'll love.


*.Net and Native file support
*Join needed files/File Binder
(You can join needed files to your final protected file.)
*Display a custom message if you want, when your encrypted/protected file is opened
*Professional GUI
(Awesome and sleek graphic user interface.)


*Enhanced Protection
(We use unique techiniques to protect your exe files against reverse-engineriing and tampering.)
*Unicode Support
(Your protected/obfuscated file will work on all machines including chinese,russian,arabian machines)
*Set critical process
(Keeps your protected project/software functioning correctly without any hassle or interruption)


And many more features that enhance your encrypting/protection/obfuscation experience.
(Receive new updates of the product with ease, automatically)
*Icon Changer
(Want to change the icon of your protected project? no problem, our product also offers a built-in icon changer)

Terms Of Service
By purchasing the product, you automatically agree to the following terms and conditions.

1: Our encryption/protection/obfuscation software is made for personal and protection purposes against reverse engineering, crackers, debuggers, etc. If you are found using our software wrongly, your access will be banned from the product permanently. We do NOT allow to use our software wrongly. It is meant for security testing, protection of LAN(Parental) monitoring tools, and file protection/obfuscation. It is to be used for educational penetration tests, personal tests, and to protect legal files that you don't want being debugged, exploited, or reverse engineered.

2: All sales are final, no refunds whatsoever. You can claim a refund only if the product does not work as advertised, otherwise all sales are final.

3: No distribution of your LICENSE of the Product to other third parties.

4: Although we offer our very best to ensure that we deliver you a product that protects/obfuscates/encrypts your files strongly and securely, still do keep in mind that NOTHING is 100% un-crackable.